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    Boosted SEO Effects

    Enhance your site DR and traffic multifold, helping your content stay on top of SERPs, with the regular input of high-quality links earned by our expert writing team. Feel the magic of jumpstarting your site performance within months.

    Make Your Brand Better Known

    Haro links are the perfect tool to help your business get free publicity while helping you foster brand awareness among your target audience through top media outlets. One media mention could snowball into greater brand presence and conversions. You get to maintain a high level of brand visibility as well.

    Higher Credibility And Social Proofing

    When influential journalists quote you as a valuable source, and when leading media platforms feature you as an industry expert, you build up credibility and reliability for your brand. Whenever the public has a need for similar products, the first thing they’ll think of is you! What better ways are there to enhance your social proofing than HARO?

    Help A Reporter Out -HARO

    HARO, short for Help A Reporter Out, is a platform connecting multiple journalists from various media outlets with experts in all industries. Reporters send their queries via HARO to gather insights from different experts. In return, they will provide a credit link to experts whose answers are chosen. This is a unique, 100% white-hat SEO technique known to the smart few only, in building up website authority and brand impression, and gaining trust from Google.It is also a more cost-effective and secure alternative to guest posts, sponsored content and link swaps.Through HARO, you can get free mentions, links, and organic traffic from top media including Forbes, Business Insider, Life wire, and so on. 

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    HARO collects hundreds of queries from journalists every day, covering heath, travel, technology, business, finance and so on.  All queries contain a specific submission deadline, an email address for pitching and the requirements to be met in writing for journalists to consider possible inclusion.To get started, you need to sign up on the HARO platform. Then the collection of journalists’ queries will be sent to your email box 3 times a day from Monday to Friday, from which you get to select the related niches for writing.You can find the live link with your insights included via Google Alert, Ahrefs, or from Google search.


    DR40-60 LinksEach Link
    DR40-60 placements
    High-quality earned media backlinks
    Minimum Links Commitment Is 5
    DR60-70 LinksEach Link
    DR60-70 placements
    High-quality earned media backlinks
    DR based pricing | Not a flat fee so that you pay based on the link value you receive.
    DR70-95 LinksEach Link
    DR70-95 placements
    High-quality earned media backlinks
    Minimum Links Commitment Is 5

    JOURNALPEN TEAM EXPERTISE Powerful Digital PR | Backlinks

    • Powerful Pitches
    • Quotable Responses
    • Brand mention backlinks


    How soon will I be able to see the results of HARO link building on my website?

    Generally speaking, it takes 2-3 months to see significant results such as DR rise and traffic growth. For a new website, you can expect the site DR to rise from nearly 0 to around 40 within 3 months. But this also depends on your on-page SEO skills.

    What’s the advantage HARO link building has, compared to guest posting, sponsored content, and link swaps?

    HARO is arguably the best link building approach compared to all other approaches. Why? Guest posting is easy, but as a grey-hat technique, comes with huge risks of being punished by Google. Sponsored content sometimes can bring conversions, but it’s literally burning money, as it doesn’t enhance your site DR and costs like hell. Link swaps can be tiresome and risky as you never know if the domains giving you links are also sending out links to casino or gambling sites. By comparison, HARO is purely white hat, organic, immune from worries above.

    How to get as many HARO links as possible?

    Quality, quantity, and timeliness matter.  Make sure you send out a pitch as soon as possible and that your pitches contain unique insights for journalists to consider quoting. Also, you may consider using an expert HARO team to write regularly for your business so there’s stable output of high quality links.

    Would you charge for Nofollows as well ?

    Nofollow links below DR70 would be free and without any cost to you. Links from sites like Lifewire, Forbes, Yahoo news and many authority sites are always nofollow and will be charged. Digital PR is brand mention process and getting a nofollow is normal and a usual gain, however all links below DR70 and a nofollow would be free.

    What all would you need to start working on my project ?

    We would need one more mail access and details of source persona that would be used for sending.

    Would my links be niche related ?

    It would depend on you, If you would instruct us to remain inside the niche, We would follow your instructions however links might take time to be live coz most of the queries that Haro sends us are general ones.

    Why are your charges based on DR range ?

    We don’t want you to pay the same amount for DR55 and DR85 Linking site as those 2 links are of different calibre and thus different costs to you

    We don't want you to pay the same amount for DR55 and DR85 Linking site as those 2 links are of different calibre and thus different costs to you

    Yes it will. I am sure that you would have team members featured on your AboutUs page and your homepage is looking like a brand Website and affiliate sites are hard to win Haro links but we have experienced pitch specialist for such Projects.

    Case Study

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    Example Pitches and Result

    We Can Get You Mentioned In

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    Money back guarantee unless we solve all these link building problems for you.

    All the digital PR link sellers are charging helicopter level prices.

    Want to build genuinely earned natural backlinks!

    Usual outreach methods are producing NOT so good links.

    Want to build links which will power up the root domain over time.

    Want to have variations in anchors and link profile.

    Branding & popularity is the main issue for the growth.


    Journal Pen has a team with a proven track record of earning HARO links. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions or concerns.

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